ESR’s multi-disciplinary team are providing expertise to support the national response to the global pandemic


COVID-19 Response
Urupare ki te KOWHEORI-19

COVID-19 health intelligence services

ESR is currently providing national and international health intelligence to the Ministry and the wider health sector about the global pandemic of COVID-19.

The more we know about COVID-19, the better equipped New Zealand is to fight the pandemic, so we have a broad range of experts from scientists to researchers, virologists and data pros working on COVID-19.

Here’s a look at how we’re involved in the COVID-19 response.

ESR maintains the end-to-end system for testing, validating, analysing and reporting on COVID-19, and we are stewards of national public health data on current cases. We have been conducting research across several disciplines – from genome sequencing, saliva testing, wastewater testing, and environmental swabbing, to COVID-19 testing.

The latest COVID-19 heath advice can be found on the Ministry of Health webpage.(external link)

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Intelligence updates and risk assessments

These incorporate international and national disease activity and emerging evidence to inform the national response.

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ESR scientist preparing a polymerase chain reaction test as part of diagnostic laboratory testing for 2019 novel coronavirus

COVID-19 research and services

ESR has been conducting research across several disciplines

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Enhancing national surveillance

ESR is working closely with the Ministry of Health to enhance communicable disease surveillance for COVID-19.

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CIMS response room 2 v2

COVID-19 team

An overview of ESR's COVID-19 response team

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