The role of natural coral sand in water quality

Can natural coral sand be used to overcome some of the wastewater and drinking water challenges in the Pacific islands?

ESR has been researching the microbial removal properties of coral sand found in Kiribati for the past six years. Our research has so far focused on using coral sand as a porous media for the treatment of household domestic effluent in the lab. We have achieved some promising results but further investigation is required in the field to verify our results.

In collaboration with the University of Canterbury, ESR is now investigating how coral sand might be used to treat drinking water which has microbial and chemical contaminants. If the results are encouraging then it opens the opportunity for low cost domestic drinking water filters to be manufactured in the Pacific using locally sourced natural coral sand. 

This research is contributing to developing sustainable innovative wastewater and water treatment technologies within the Pacific which is a great result for these vulnerable environments and also the health outcomes of its people.

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