Advanced level BPA training

ESR provides an online self-paced Advanced BPA training course. If you would like to join a course, register your interest with course facilitator Ms Ros Rough by email.

The course is a combination of assignments, practical exercises and video presentations.  We provide personal feedback on all submissions and can discuss any questions you might have about current cases you might be working on as we progress. At the end of the training there is a mock scene examination and report writing requirement, a written exam and a mock court exercise where your scene report forms the basis for your testimony.  


A course of instruction designed for scientists, research students and others who require advanced level instruction in the science of Bloodstain Pattern Analysis (BPA).


The course is intended to build on competencies gained during basic level training. The focus is on the recognition and interpretation of complex bloodstain patterns.

Course outcomes

Upon completion of this module the trainee will understand and be able to discuss:

  • How different actions, that might take place during a crime, can lead to characteristic bloodstain patterns
  • Key research papers in the field of BPA
  • Case law relating to BPA

In addition the trainee will be able to:

  • Analyse and interpret complex bloodstain patterns at crime scenes.
  • Resolve the chronology of the bloodstains and reconstruct the chain of events where possible
  • Estimate regions of origin of impact spatter using physical (string), mathematical (tangent) and computer based (directional analysis) methods
  • Undertake reconstructions, simulations and research to test alternative hypotheses and understand the importance and limitations of modelling exercises
  • Be able to competently present a written report and verbal testimony to relevant scientific and judicial standards on the analysis of a scene or evidential items where bloodstain patterns are important.
  • Critically review BPA evidence