ESR’s Lumi™ Drug Scan shortlisted for second major award

Lumi™ Drug Scan, the pioneering New Zealand science that lets police immediately identify methamphetamine-like substances using their mobile phone, has been nominated for Best Hi-Tech Solution for the Public Good Award at this year’s NZ Hi-Tech Awards.

News of the shortlisting comes just weeks after the Lumi™ team brought home the Excellence in Forensic Science Award(external link) home from the World Police Summit in Dubai. It’s another validation of the difference Lumi™ can make both to law enforcement and to the wellbeing of communities, underpinned by robust forensic science and Kiwi innovation.

Lumi™ analysis uses a handheld device to detect traces of cocaine, MDMA or methamphetamine in samples, with the scan from a sample being automatically analysed by advanced machine learning drug detection models developed from thousands of samples. Results are presented in real-time within the Lumi™ app on the law enforcement officer’s mobile. The results are also compiled into the Lumi™ Analytics Dashboard which shows regional drug-use trends.

Being shortlisted at this year’s NZ Hi-Tech Awards illustrates just how cutting edge ESR’s science and research is, up there with the most well-known tech companies from around the globe. Lumi™ is unique in that it was developed by ESR experts working closely with New Zealand Police officers, ensuring it fits the needs of those on the frontline. New Zealand Police rolled-out Lumi™ nationwide in July 2022, following a six-month trial.

Lumi™’s success is thanks in part to the Ministry of Business, Innovation, and Employment’s Strategic Science Investment Fund (SSIF). Focused on enabling the prioritisation and purchase of science in areas that ensure the long-term stability and impact of the science system, SSIF has provided invaluable funding to Lumi™.

The 2023 NZ Hi-Tech Awards Ceremony is being held in Christchurch on 23 June. Click here(external link) to find out more about the NZ Hi-Tech Awards. Visit link) for more information about the positive differnce Lumi™ can make to communities.

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